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The Twin Flame Masters Program (TFMP) was designed to be a 3 Month Initiation (13 weeks) course that gives you the foundational knowledge & practices you’ll need to successfully navigate your Twin Flame Journey.  THIS is the Self-Study version of that course.  The tuition for the TFMP was $2,997 ($999 per month) but you can now get the Self-Study eCourse for 90% less ($99 per month) and study at your own pace.

You will join other Twin Flames doing their work & supporting one another on a daily basis via our chat platform and on the Twin Flame Tuesday weekly “Community Social” call – and on-demand whenever you and at least one other Twin Flame Community member wishes to connect via online video chat.

When you complete the Twin Flame Masters Program’s FOUNDATIONAL “CORE” CONTENT you will have a personalized, foundational Twin Flame Field Guide that you can reference anytime you need – to help you navigate your Twin Flame Journey with as much grace flow and ease as possible.

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Course Content

Week 1 of 13: Getting Started
WEEK 2 of 13: Self-Mastery, 1,000%-er SYSTEM & Self-Respecting Standards
WEEK 3 of 13: TFJ, ONENESS & Graceful Emergency Exits
WEEK 4 OF 13: Owning Triggers & Your Work
WEEK 5 OF 13: 100%/100%, Surrender & Unconditional LOVE
WEEK 6-9 of 13: Conscious Communication 101
WEEK 10 of 13: The Love Garden
WEEK 11 of 13: Divine Feminine / Divine Masculine
WEEK 12-13 of 13: Sexual Energy Mastery 101
3 Month (13 Week) Initiation CONCLUSION