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The Twin Flame Masters Program – 3 Month Initiation is a 13 week course that gives you the foundational knowledge & practices you’ll need to successfully navigate your Twin Flame Journey.

You will join other Twin Flames doing their work & supporting one another on a daily basis and on the Twin Flame Tuesday weekly call.

At the end of the 13 weeks you will have a personalized, foundational Twin Flame Field Guide that you can reference anytime you need.

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Course Content

Week 1 of 13: Getting Started
WEEK 2 of 13: Self-Mastery, 1,000%-er SYSTEM & Self-Respecting Standards
WEEK 3 of 13: TFJ, ONENESS & Graceful Emergency Exits
WEEK 4 OF 13: Owning Triggers & Your Work
WEEK 5 OF 13: 100%/100%, Surrender & Unconditional LOVE
WEEK 6-9 of 13: Conscious Communication 101
WEEK 10 of 13: The Love Garden
WEEK 11 of 13: Divine Feminine / Divine Masculine
WEEK 12-13 of 13: Sexual Energy Mastery 101
3 Month (13 Week) Initiation CONCLUSION